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Publié par christian guittard

The theocracy (Greek theokratia, theos, god and kratos, power, government of God) is a political system where political legitimacy derives from the divinity. Sovereignty is exercised by the priestly class, which combines religious and temporal power.
The religious power dominates the civil power. The divine will is applied to govern society land, or through a representative acting on his behalf or, more often by religious institutions, which replace or dominate the institutions of civil government.
The following questionnaire was published in a local weekly in preparation for the first phase of the Synod.
It is surprising that questions about homosexuals or Jews do not do. Without being a fan of Free Thought, this questionnaire is cold in the back because under the guise of questions it contains strong statements of a religious nature.

Among all these views heard, can you tell us, putting a cross in the box, if you agree, disagree or if you do not say?

Scientific research is advancing humanity
Everyone must be able to choose his death

The Y has too many foreign workers
You can have confidence in the justice of our country
All religions are equal
Abortion is a crime
In general, politicians are good people
We must live with the times
Fidelity Makes You Happy
The money rots while
It's nice to be able to do what I want
We must restore the death penalty
The origin of the universe is God
We must beware of people who have AIDS
The family must remain the basic unit of society
What good life, life is absurd

  In the news, these signs of solidarity and hope they give you confidence
The progress of democracy
Advances in medical research
The search for a new world order
The cooperation between peoples
Environmental protection
Sustainable development
The work of humanitarian organizations
The development of community life
The place of women in society
Demonstrations of solidarity
The search for spiritual
The place of morality in the lives of men
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