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Nearly 300 people mobilized on Saturday alongside the collective for the narse de Nouvialle

Preservation of the site natural from the narse of Nouvialle brings together and federates. The collective has
do, once again, demonstration saturday morning in Saint-Flour to  his second walk occasion of the day
global zones wet.

Do we want of a career on the narse? " SATURDAY morning, a "no" unanimous was chanted by nearly of 300 people. All together at the call of the collective for the narse de Nouvialle who organized there his second step, to the occasion of the international day wetlands, and determined to be heard their voice. A voice that carries the 1,500 members of the collective, created in 1995 but relaunched in 2021, of which 70% are inhabitants of the Planèze, and about twenty represents associations hasssorions , hikers, fishermen and others nature lovers. A voice also supported by elected officials from Saint-Flour co, some of whom
joined the mobilization SATURDAY. 
Proof that the preservation of natural site and its wetlands which extends over 400 hectares on the municipalities of Tanavelle, Rouffiac and Valuéjols , threatened by career plans, is everyone's business.
For this fourth action strong, after two feasts of the narse and a march, the organizers wanted to meet
in the heart of the city of Saint-Flour .

First for a matter of weather, but also “to raise public awareness of the town center and call out
the State because it is he who will put his arbitration and who will have the last word", explained Géraud Prolhac, one of the five spokespersons of the collective.
“We want to create activity and we think that we can create jobs and riches without doing careers "
“We will end up doing hear, added Anthony Marque, and carry the echo of the narse and from Cantal to Paris, government, because it is he who will make the final decision. So, gathered on the Alleys, the
"walkers", in the colors of the movement, orange and blue, have parade through the streets of downtown,
and made a symbolic stop in front of the sub-prefecture.
But if the mobilization, punctuated by the Brazil Volcanic band, wanted to be friendly, festive same, and peaceful, the message that the participants remained serious and clear. For proof the signs
and slogans they brandished: "Don't touch the narse", "Beer unfiltered = narse saved”, “Wetlands = useful areas “, “Beware of the water that is sleeping", "No diatomite in the truffade”, “Don’t do Cantal a gruyère” or quite simply “Let’s save the narse”.
In a step positive "Largest wetland of Auvergne", according to Jean-Claude Jeannot, treasurer of the collective, the narse de Nouvialle represents, “the DNA of our territory: agriculture , tourism , authenticity… The Planèze wetlands remain moist. We can not sell off nature", completed Geraud Prolhac.
But make no mistake! “We are the collective for the narse of Nouvialle, not against, insisted Jean-Claude again Jeannot. We are not against any economic activity. We are interested in the fate of employees, we do not want to put unemployed people. On the contrary, we want to create business and we think we can create
jobs and wealth without making a career", assure they. “Besides, continue-they, we are currently working
with actors economics and enseignants-researchers on alternatives economic”.
Without wanting to reveal anything yet, the members of the collective will present "soon", promise-
they, the work of their research.
And to conclude: "Weis in a positive way », « in a territorial approach of construction ". 

Nearly 300 people mobilized on Saturday alongside the collective for the narse de Nouvialle
Nearly 300 people mobilized on Saturday alongside the collective for the narse de Nouvialle
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