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Publié par christian guittard

The Duchy of Lanonga, its Lord and its questions (for our American readers)

“this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real life characters is purely coincidental.


In the year 1522, just after Magellan discovered in 1520 a passage between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the Duchy of Lanonga was ruled by Lord Quentin du Machela.

This one had for vassal Barnabas of Grefala. Quentin du Machela was in a changeable mood but above all he tended to feel perfect.

A shadow hovered over the governance of his Duchy, Barnabas of Grefala was richer than him.

In the bag of tournament books, Quentin du Machela was thoroughly beaten.

Example: ecu created by Louis IX around 1250
He came up with an idea to assert his authority despite his financial weakness. He was going to put his vassal in his place in the seigniorial hierarchy.

Barnabé de Grefala needed the royal anointing to carry on his business of exporting goods manufactured in the Duchy and importing products from the East.

Quentin du Machela pleaded with the King to show Barnabas of Grefala that despite his financial weakness he was still superior to him in terms of governance.

Superiority restored, all these little people congratulated themselves and celebrated the success of the petition with feasts worthy of Roman bacchanalia.


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